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Never Forget the Stories…or the Strength

Never Forget the Stories…or the Strength

For the past seven years since I’ve had the blog, I’ve reposted this story (or a version of it — it gets edited and updated every year)  on 9/11. Why? Because we all have our stories from that horrific day, and despite how much we’d like, we can’t make them change. And because as the…

honeymoon main

A letter to the newlyweds, 26 years later

This week my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary, which, especially now that I see it in black and white on my screen, is a something I’m having a hard time believing can possibly be true. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the fact that we’re still together 26 years later that’s making…


As she graduates, what I want to tell the baby in the photos

Graduation is less than a month away, and I’m sorting through a box full of old, random photos that date back to 2001, the year my daughter was born. As if that’s not enough to make me actually feel my heart pound outside of my body, her 18th birthday is this week. It’s like I…


Never Forget the stories … and the strength

For the past six years that I’ve had this little blog, I’ve reposted this story on 9/11. Why? Because we all have our stories from that horrific day, and despite how much we’d like to, we can’t make them change. And because as the years fly by, it’s important to remember not only how things changed that…


Texas Sheet Cake: The story behind the cake

Guys. I know. It’s been AGES since I posted but here’s the thing: my daughter wanted to make a Texas sheet cake yesterday and  when I went to Pinterest to look up the recipe my pin LED ME BACK TO MY BLOG. To the following post. A post from three years ago that — as…

IMG_5600 (1)

May Mania

You guys. About this time every year I wonder why the hell May is my favorite month. It’s bonkers. I mean, all parents know it’s typically a hectic month, but holy hell it has kicked. my. ass. this year. Don’t worry, I’m still basking in my Rob Glowe, but I’m also still sprinting to outrun the…

RL button

The one where I meet Rob Lowe

If YMFT’s loyal readers know anything about me by now — besides the fact that the circumference of my head is the same as a prize-winning watermelon, that I only use Citron vodka in my Appletinis, and that I will not cook anything that has more than eight ingredients in its recipe — it’s the…


Friday Favorites ~ Fruitfully Delicious

Good news! It’s time once again to play “Spin the wheel of Fridays!” on YMFT  and see where it lands! via GIPHY YaHOO! It landed on TODAY! That means YOU get a favorites post … and YOU get a favorites post … via GIPHY If you follow YMFT on Instagram (and if you do not,…


Friday Favorites – “Spring” Break Edition

Spring Break started today. Or here in Minnesota, what I just call “break.” It’s currently about 34° — sunny, at least — but this weekend it’s forecast to be in the 20s with some snow. You know, just the kind of weather you think of when you think of Easter. I’d love to be able…


49 (pass the wine)

Seriously. Fill ‘er up, folks.  Why is today’s cougar-pour different from, say, yesterday’s cougar-pour you ask? Today I am 49. Shit’s getting real, folks. It’s only 365 days until I’m officially a grown up. I mean, I’m assuming. To be honest, I’m still shook when I verbalize my age — and have been since about…


Six Years of Favorites

On March 2nd, 2012, I hit “publish” on this post, and justlikethat set into motion a six-year adventure that has resulted in 566 expositions detailing my life, my family, my opinions, my reactions, my observations, and, naturally, my favorites. The blog looked a lot different six years ago. So did my girls, who for years…

sunrise man resized

Life Lately

Life lately: two little words that can mean a multitude of things, depending on the situation … the day … even the moment. I’m happy to report that for me, life lately is anything but exciting. Yeah, you read that right: happy that my life lately is not exciting. Or eventful. Or remarkable.   With…