I tend to have a bit of ADD when it comes to reading lately. And by lately I mean since the advent of social media, apps, Kindle — really, just small screens in general. Even if I’m reading a real book (which I do still prefer) I find myself stopping after a chapter or two, antsy to check my email, look at the weather app, or most usually, to see what I’ve missed on Instagram.

I didn’t say I was proud of the problem.

But I do still love to read, even if I demand more from books these days. I need to be engrossed and swept away from the beginning or my grasshopper brain just simply can’t, and won’t, stick with it.

I always have — at minimum — three books in progress (the struggle is real). Some I’ll dive into and read straight through; some books take me months to finish, even if I like them.

THE POINT OF ALL THIS EXPOSITION: Below is a clickable grid of what I’m either currently reading (and am enjoying enough to recommend) plus a handful of books I’ve already read and loved (anything by Kelly Corrigan will always be a favorite).

This will be an evolving list, fellow readers, so check back occasionally and see what’s new!